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Hayward Storage Center

Finding The Best Storage Facility Fremont Has To Offer

If you’re looking for the best storage facility Fremont has to offer, than look no further! A lot of self storage facilities in the Fremont area may seem similar, but not all self storage is created equal. If you want the best, then look no further than 360 Storage Center! They are the one facility whose features and benefits make them stand out from the rest. Continue reading Finding The Best Storage Facility Fremont Has To Offer

Hayward Self Storage Company

The Absolute Best Storage in Fremont!

If you’ve ever considered renting the absolute best storage in Fremont, look no further then 360 Self Storage. Hopefully, you haven’t experienced other storage companies not looking after your items. Hence making moving your items there difficult all while not having access to your items at all hours of the day. But no need to worry, you won’t find that at 360 Self Storage!

Affordable and Convenient Storage Facility

If you’ve got $29.95 in your pocket, you’re ready to start moving your stuff in today! For some customers, even the first month is free. If you’ve got large items that you can’t haul on your own, we’ve got you covered. Included with your storage rental is a free move-in truck that you can borrow and use at your disposal. Thus making sure your items get safely and securely into our Fremont storage center.

We have four  storage unit sizes available based on your needs. We have 5×10 (50 sq/ft), 10×10 (100 sq/ft), 10×15(150 sq/ft) and 10×20 (200sq/ft) units available. If you’re worried that your items might be sensitive to temperature, we’ve got you covered with air conditioned units available. And if you’re additionally worried that your items aren’t secure, think again. Be sure to know that we have 24/7 surveillance, individual door alarms, and residential managers on-site. The absolute best storage in Fremont will always make sure that your items are safe at all times.

Don’t worry about large dust bunnies or unkempt units, as our units are the cleanest in all Fremont. No need to worry if you need access to your items, because we allow 24-hour access any day of the year.

The Absolute Best Storage in Fremont!

Don’t forget about the huge discounts that we’re offering. If you pay a full year’s rent upfront, we’ll waive one month of fees for you. In addition, we have 25% off for 2 months on selected units – but only available for a limited time. We are located just off the 880 Freeway, so that means you won’t have to go far to find us. We offer a full line of moving supplies and materials if you need any of those items.

If you’re a business, we have solutions available for you too at our storage center in Fremont. Therefore our contracts are flexible to whatever your situation is. You can use our storage facility as an alternative to a distribution center. We will even arrange to receive goods straight from the delivery vehicle. And if you sign up, we’ll be sure to lock in your rate for a full year! Hence why we are the absolute best storage in Fremont! Be sure to take advantage of our great customer service and use 360 Self Storage as your storage solution.

Newark Self Storage Center

The Best Storage Fremont Residents Love

Better safe than sorry can apply to purchasing insurance. Insuring your items in storage, Fremont residents while find can be an intelligent thing to consider. There are many types of insurances to purchase including medical, fire, earthquake, renters, and storage insurance. Before purchasing insurance for your storage unit you will want to do your homework. Some experts say that in order for your items to truly be safe in storage you have to have the right amount of insurance for your stored items. Continue reading The Best Storage Fremont Residents Love