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Looking For An Affordable U-haul in Newark?

If you have tried the rest, then you are definitely ready to try the best affordable U-haul in Newark. There are several reasons to choose U-haul when it comes to moving your items into your storage unit. Perhaps you have never rented a moving vehicle before, now is the time to do so. Just like when you are buying a car you want something that is dependable, reliable, and safe. Look no further, 360 Storage Center has just the right U-haul rental truck for you!

Affordable U-haul in Newark Rentals

After you have invested a large amount of time into carefully and strategically packing your belongings you don’t want to waste any time with the moving process. That last thing you want to happen is to get all over your boxes packed into the truck or van and have it break down on you halfway to the storage facility. The important fact about renting from 360 Storage Center, an affordable u-haul in Newark, is that you get several decades of service. U-haul vehicles have been successfully moving people and their stuff for many years. They have a reputation to uphold so it is important to them that their vehicles operate in top condition.

Benefits And Features Of Using A U-haul Truck

A comparison chart lists a few of the benefits of renting an affordable U-haul in Newark. One important factor is that on average U-haul trucks are 50% easier to load. They offer easier and lower clearance than other vehicles, which allows you to easily load your items into the moving truck. A wider ramp into the truck makes it less likely that your items will slip and fall during loading. If you are considering the safety of loading your items, it’s smart to choose a U-haul vehicle which are easier to load.

A second feature offered by an affordable U-haul in Newark is their high visibility mirrors. If you have never driven a large car, truck, or van, you know it can be tricky. Backing up into a space where you can load and unload your items can seem impossible to a novice driver. It’s easy to see that a Newark U-haul provider cares about the safety of you and your items during the process of moving them to storage. 360 Storage Center is the right facility that cares.

Besides offering U-haul rentals, 360 Storage Center offers another truck for your moving needs. They can deliver to your front door a free absolutely No-Cost to you Move In Truck and Driver! This is valued at $175, an incredible savings. Call to schedule your affordable U-haul in Newark today at (925) 892-3880. At 360 Storage Center we give you peace of mind knowing you have received the best deal in the city. We also give you a ninety day price assurance guarantee you are receiving the best price anywhere in Newark. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality and best deal in the city. Making us the most affordable u-haul in Newark!

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