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Hayward Self Storage Units Are Safe With 360 Storage Center

Better safe than sorry can apply to purchasing insurance for you Hayward self storage units. Some experts say that in order for your items to truly be safe in storage, you have to have the right insurance for those stored items.There are many types of insurances available to purchase including medical, fire, earthquake, renters, and storage insurance. Before purchasing insurance for your storage unit you will want to do some homework on the subject. 

Hayward Self Storage Units Are Safe With 360 Storage Center

There is a chance that your items in storage are already covered. How you might ask? If you have purchased home or renters insurance, you may be covered under your policy. Therefore simply  reading through your contract to see what is covered by the insurance policy can show you. If you are uncertain you can always contact your insurance representative for clarification.

But keep in mind that even if your renters insurance covers items in storage, it might only cover a certain amount. Therefore anything lost or stolen out of the unit that exceeds this amount might not be covered. Hayward renters will find insuring your items in storage is a great way to safeguard your investment. Regardless, Hayward self storage units are with 360 Storage Center.

Make The Move Into 360 Storage Center

360 Storage Center not only keeps your items safe, but also offers:

– Free Move In Truck w/ Driver-Moving Helper
– We offer extended hours to Businesses
– Deliveries accepted
– Fax and Copy Services
– All Spaces Individually Alarmed
– Security Surveillance
– Moving Equipment
– Boxes & Moving supplies
– U-Haul Truck Rentals
– Storage Work Spaces
– All Spaces Climate Controlled/Air Conditioned
– Conference Rooms
– Wi-Fi
– Assembly, Packaging, and Shipping areas

Important Insurance Reminders

Remember, if you don’t already have homeowners or renters insurance then you will most likely be able to purchase an individual policy for your Hayward self storage units. When preparing to purchase a policy, do some research on your stored items. You will want to list all of the items in your storage unit and even the purchase price or value of each stored item. Take pictures even so that you can prove your list of items were stored in the self storage unit.

If this is your first time purchasing this type of property you will want to shop around and compare quotes. Hence you will find that insurance can provide added peace of mind regarding your storage. Hayward residents can be rest assured their belongings are protected at 360 Storage Center. Give us a call today at (925) 892-3880  to speak with our friendly staff members.

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