Fremont Self Storage Center

Fremont Self Storage Center Offering Helpful Hints

Whether you’re storing furniture or electrical equipment, there are a few helpful hints you will want to know. For years 360 Storage Center has been the Fremont Self Storage Center most trusted by local residents. With the best security on site, you have peace of mind knowing your items are safe at our location. 360 Storage Center provides quality self storage units in the Fremont area that are clean and well ventilated, all at an affordable price. Read below for a few helpful hints on how to store your belongings safely. 

Helpful Hints When Storing Electrical & Boxed Equipment

Are you planning on storing electrical equipment inside your Fremont self storage center unit? Keep in mind how important it is that they are packed the proper way for safe keeping. For example, make sure that you pack your electrical equipment in their original boxes. This is why it’s important that every time you purchase new electrical appliances or equipment that you keep the original box (if you can). That way, when you’re ready to move or store an item, you have a box to place it in. This will save you money and frustration from purchasing extra boxes and finagling them to fit.

You will also want to make sure that you save any kind of protective foam boards or bubble wrap. This will help keep your item secure within the box. Another reason why you’ll want to save your old boxes is because it can be very expensive replacing the box. Purchasing boxes can really add up! However, if you don’t have the original box, make sure you buy the right size box. Purchasing the right size is important; otherwise you can damage your belongings.

The Trusted Fremont Self Storage Center

Are you looking for a reputable and safe Fremont self storage center to hold your belongings? Well, look no further than 360 Storage Center, residents first choice for their storage needs. We give you peace of mind knowing you have received the best deal in town because we guarantee it! Offering free downsizing of your Fremont self storage center unit should your needs change. We are the trusted Fremont self storage center that residents come to first for all of their storage needs!

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