Fremont Self Storage Unit Sizes

Difference Between Fremont Self Storage Unit Sizes

Storage units actually come in several different sizes. The 360 Storage Center website actually offers six different sized units to choose from. This is a true case of one size does not fit all when it comes to storage. Different individuals and businesses have different needs when it comes to the size of unit that they will need. Let’s take a look at the difference between Fremont self storage unit sizes.

Difference Between Fremont Self Storage Unit Sizes


This is the smallest of the storage units. This would be perfect for someone that has a few smaller items to store. Perhaps you have a few boxes of tax returns you want to hold on too but don’t really need them stored in your home or personal office. You can store small to medium boxes or a variety of small items. To decide if this is the right size for you it is a good idea to start to put the amount of items you want to store together and see if that will be big enough. If not you can always rent a larger space.

5’x 10′

For those whom need just a tad more height for their small items, then this size would be adequate. Perhaps extra lumber, a cat tree, tall but slender lamps, or even large fake plants.


If you are looking to sell your home you may may want to store some of your items in the meantime. This size units can actually hold two bedrooms or a family room. This is a great option for someone that has quite a few items to store.


With five more feet of additional storage space you can hold approximately three large bedrooms and large boxes. One of the most common Fremont self storage unit sizes rented by those remodeling or transitioning.


Have a few rooms that need to be stored but not an entire house? This particular size would be a great option then for you. This a nice sized unit that could hold a large amount of items. If you have a large collection that you need to store this would be a great size to consider.


The big guy. If you need to an entire house of furniture this would be the perfect size. Perhaps you’re leaving on a long trip around the world and will be moving into a new place when you return. Store all of your belongings in one place and enjoy them when you get back.

360 Storage Center Offers Variety For Storage Needs

So remember there are several different size storage units to choose from. Make sure to choose the one that’s right for your storage needs. Specifically there are six different sized storage units 360 Storage Center offers. Contact them for your Fremont self storage unit today by phone, (907) 891-8008 or online at

Hayward Storage Center

Hayward Storage Center Is The Best Choice Around!

California is one of the fastest growing states in the country, which is no surprise considering how fast our population grows. As families grow larger, so does the need for a reliable storage facility to house extra belongings. Thankfully, 360 Storage Center is committed to providing quality storage options and is the best choice around! Their Hayward storage center offers sanctuary for all your valuables, large or small. Be sure to choose a center where your property is as accessible and secure as possible. But, while still offered at an affordable price, such as with 360 Storage Center. Continue reading Hayward Storage Center Is The Best Choice Around!

Union City Storage Facility

Looking For The Best Union City Storage Facility Around?

Whether you’re moving from an apartment, condo, or large house, storage will come in handy. Only the Best Union City Storage Facility will provide storage spaces for small and large loads. 360 Storage Center is one of these facilities, making them a first choice for Union City residents. The following article will provide a few tips on how to find a storage facility to keep your belongings safe.

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Newark Self Storage Center

Newark Self Storage Center For Best Security Features

For people that run out of room to keep all belongings at home, storage can be a convenient option for keeping belongings. But with storage, seeking to keep belongings safe and sound is also a concern. In the event you are struggling to find a home for all of your valuables, 360 Storage Center self storage may be the answer that you seek. Not only will you have a home for your belongings, but will also have peace of mind. And be rest assured all Newark self storage center units are monitored on site with 24/7 surveillance.

Newark Self Storage Center Provides Excellent Security Features

360 Storage Center is equipped to provide you with the most secure storage spaces available in the Fremont, CA area. When you want to make sure your precious belongings are safe, choosing one of our units is ideal. We work hard to provide security to keep others from attempting to access spaces day and night. Hence why keeping your Newark self storage center unit safe and looked after is our main priority. Especially when you are not available to check on your belongings yourself. Excellent security features offered with a 360 Storage Center Unit are:

  • All Spaces Climate Controlled/Air Conditioned
  • Shipping & Receiving Areas
  • Individually Alarmed Units
  • Security Cameras throughout
  • 24/7 Security Surveillance and Daily Lock Checks
  • On-Site Management Protection
  • Extended Gate Access for Businesses

360 Storage Center Gives Peace Of Mind To Customers

Choosing 360 Storage Center is the best way for you to ensure your property is cared for and stored securely at all times. Whether you are seeking a basic storage unit or prefer a self-storage option, they have you covered. 360 Storage Center provides a number of options regardless of your particular storage needs and wants. Therefore, for the best Newark self storage center rates around, call 360 Storage Center at (925)-892-3880. We’ll beat any storage rate in Newark with a smile and Thank You!

Fremont Self Storage Facility

Fremont Self Storage Facility Has Affordable Rentals

Almost any resident would prefer a Fremont self storage facility that is located near their home or place of work. Although some self storage facilities may seem similar, things are not always what them seem at first glance.  If you want the best storage facility Fremont has to offer, then consider 360 Storage Center. They offer features and benefits that make their facility stand out from the rest! Continue reading Fremont Self Storage Facility Has Affordable Rentals

Carpenter U-Haul Rental Truck

Carpenter U-Haul Rental Truck Services Are Easy!

During a move, hiring a moving company to handle your packing, loading, and unloading of your belongings is easy. However, this can be extremely costly for most people, especially families. A more affordable option is to reserve a Carpenter U-Hual rental truck for all your transportation and moving needs. Carpenter has plenty of options available for getting Uhual rental trucks. Some storage companies, like 360 Storage Center, even offer deals on renting a U-Hual moving truck. Why pay more for services you can do on your own with a Carpenter U-Haul rental truck?!

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Hayward Self Storage Facility

Hayward Self Storage Facility Offers Insurance

Better safe than sorry will always apply when debating whether to purchase insurance for valuable possessions. Therefore, insuring your items in storage can be an intelligent thing to consider depending on some factors. Some types of insurance to purchase include medical, fire, earthquake, renters, and storage insurance. But, before purchasing insurance for your storage unit you will want to do some research. Some experts say that in order for your possessions to truly be safe in storage, you have to consider the right amount of insurance. Hence why the premier Hayward self storage facility, 360 Self Storage, offers insurance options for their customers. Continue reading Hayward Self Storage Facility Offers Insurance

Ardenwood Self Storage Center

Contact Ardenwood Self Storage Center For All Your Storage Needs

If you’ve ever considered utilizing a self storage unit near Ardenwood,  then look no further than 360 Storage Center! Contact this premier Ardenwood self storage center for all of you storage needs today. If you’ve got $29.95 in your pocket, you’re ready to start moving your stuff in with our extraordinary deals. Plus, if you’ve got large items that you can’t haul on your own, we’ve got your covered! 360 Storage Center provides a free move-in truck that you can borrow and use at your disposal on move-in day. Therefore making sure your items get safely and securely to our Ardenwood self storage center.

Ardenwood Self Storage Center Provides Options For Your Storage Needs

We have four sizes available based on our customers individual or business needs. We offer 5×10 (50 sq/ft), 10×10 (100 sq/ft), 10×15(150 sq/ft) and 10×20 (200sq/ft) sized units. Also, if you’re worried that your items might be sensitive to temperature, we’ve got you covered with climate controlled units. Be sure to know that we also have 24/7 surveillance, individual door alarms, and residential managers to make sure that your items are safe at all times.

There’s no need to worry about large dust bunnies or unkempt units at this Ardenwood self storage center. 360 Storage Center is proud to brag about having the cleanest units in the Ardenwood area. We’re located just off the 880 Freeway, so that means you won’t have to go far to find us. Plus, if you need access to your items at any point we allow 24-hour access any day of the year. Now that’s storage convenience at it’s finest!

Affordable Storage Units At 360 Storage Center

Don’t forget to ask about any promotions or discounts when you contact this affordable Ardenwood self storage center.  If you pay a full year’s rent upfront, 360 Storage Center will waive one month of fees for you. In addition, they have 25% off for 2 months on selected units – but only available for a limited time. 360 Storage Center offers the most affordable self storage units in Ardenwood, hands down. Give us a call today at (925 )892-3880 to reserve your Ardenwood self storage center unit!

Hayward Self Storage Facility

Newark California Storage Facility Provides Sanctuary For Belongings

Whether you’re planning for a move or just simply seeking sanctuary for your belongings, consider 360 Storage Center. Choosing the right Newark California storage facility can make all the difference when choosing to store your goods and give you peace of mind. Using a professional service is one way to reduce stress when moving. It’s important to feel secure about leaving valuables and property behind when settling into a new home or location.

Choose A Reputable Newark California Storage Facility

If convenience is a priority for you, 360 Storage Center is the ideal choice for a Newark California storage facility. 360 Storage Center offers a long list of benefits, ensuring the safety of all your most treasured belongings. With years of experience, we are the reputable Newark California storage facility that residents count on.

  • All Spaces Climate Controlled/Air Conditioned
  • Shipping & Receiving Areas
  • Conference Rooms
  • Wi-Fi
  • Day Desks
  • Extended Gate Access For Businesses

Security Features For Peace Of Mind

360 Storage Center is equipped to provide you with the most secure storage spaces available in the Newark California area. Therefore providing security to keep others from attempting to access spaces is important to us. This Newark California storage facility provides sanctuary for your belongings when you need it most.

  • Free Move In Truck & Driver
  • Lowest Rates
  • Price Guarantee
  • 30 Day Money Back guarantee
  • Security Surveillance And Daily Lock Checks
  • Security Cameras Throughout The Facility
  • All Units Individually Alarmed
  • Deliveries Accepted

Therefore, choosing 360 Storage Center is a way for you to ensure your property is cared for and stored securely at all times. Hence why we are Newark residents first choice for all their storage needs. 360 Storage Center provides a number of options regardless of the storage space size you need for you and your household. Give 360 Storage Center a call today at (925)892-3880 to reserve your Newark California storage facility unit!

Fremont Self Storage Center

Fremont Self Storage Center Offering Helpful Hints

Whether you’re storing furniture or electrical equipment, there are a few helpful hints you will want to know. For years 360 Storage Center has been the Fremont Self Storage Center most trusted by local residents. With the best security on site, you have peace of mind knowing your items are safe at our location. 360 Storage Center provides quality self storage units in the Fremont area that are clean and well ventilated, all at an affordable price. Read below for a few helpful hints on how to store your belongings safely.  Continue reading Fremont Self Storage Center Offering Helpful Hints